Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wow - we are in our new building and it is going so well. Room 17 has been amazing and I have to say are the most respectful and caring class ever. Well done to them all!!! I think they are fabulous. Here we are saying goodbye to Room 17!!!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Crafting Spiders

This week we have been making spiders with chicken wire,paint,plaster and normal wire.
First we made the shape of the spider with the chicken wire. Then we put the legs on with the normal wire and thread it through the spider.After we had threaded through the legs we plastered the spider. Then it was the fun part! We waited until the plaster was dry. When the plaster was dry, we got to paint it. We might hang them up in the new build, or we might take them home. Room 17 has had a AWESOME week!!!

By Sarah, Portia and Ameya

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Spooky spider trip

"Did you see the pink toed tarantula in the the glass cage?" I said to Brooke.
 It was looking straight at me.
"He's scary" "can we go somewhere  else ?"Yes said Brooke. So we went to the microscope and looked at the orange butterfly close up. It was a fantastic trip. And I am wondering how do spiders drink? by Gracie.

Going to the Canterbury Museum

"Hey Cohen! Have you noticed that the tarantula is moving?"whispered Ameya.
"No! Where is it? Oh there it is. replied Cohen
It is called a Pink Toed Tarantula. said Ameya. Then I pressed a green button and suddenly the lights
turned off in the spiders glass cage. A few minutes later the lights turned back on. Very soon I got to
see a Tarantula walk up to it's web. The web was in a really awquward shape. It was in a sphere kind of shape, instead of a flat web. I wonder how Tarantula's drink water.
By Ameya
On Wednesday we went to the museum to look at the amazing tarantulas in the Discovery Room. They were in glass boxes and one was called the Pink Toed tarantula. We were all glad it was behind the glass. We are writing a recount of our visit and they will be posted on here soon.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

this week we have been doing...

On Tuesday We did some weaving. we made 1 or two more god's eyes. On Wednesday we had a fun time going over to the new school library. Yesterday in the afternoon yr 3/4 team went to sport at Quarry view.
today we did our wonderings. I did bug club, oragami and Manthan did the same as me! In the afternoon
we did some art!!! Our week has gone so fast.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

In the past few weeks...

In room 17 we have bean learning about Rome. We have learnt about what they use to eat,what they wear and lots of other stuff. Also on Tuesday we have bean doing weaving. The weaving is  called gods eyes.They look amazing!!!

By Mya and Ameya